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Working from home?

Have you found yourself experiencing headaches more frequently? Back stiffness? Neck tightness? Or just general discomfort throughout your body? Have you recently shifted to working from home over these past 2 months in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

These new symptoms and your recent shift to working from home may be related. As we all continue to navigate the ‘new normal’ we have adjusted by increasing the time we spend in front of our work station at home. We may feel that we are less productive and in response end up working overtime to try and make up for the loss in productivity. All of these things can accumulate into decreased activity and increased time spent in sustained postures. Our work station set up can further increase these symptoms!

Neck tightness and related headaches can be related to the positioning of your neck. Try and keep the computer screens at eye level. If possible try and set up your work station so that the screen is also positioned in front of your body so you don’t need to turn your neck. Back tightness and general stiffness can be related to the chair that you are sitting on. Try and maintain a 90 degrees bend in your knees when sitting.

Overall, the WORST posture is the posture you end up staying in for a long time! Try and give yourself routine breaks to get yourself moving – even if it’s a 30 second break! Whenever possible stand up and take a few steps.

If you have any questions or need any help with the work station set up – telerehabilitation is an excellent way for physiotherapists to get a live look at your current work station. We can work together to develop the work station that is best for you and your job!


By: Calvin Lee PT.


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