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Piriformis Syndrome- A Pain in the Butt (LITERALLY!)

Have you experienced buttock pain? Have you being told that you have sciatica? Do you know that piriformis syndrome can also cause pain that resembles sciatica?

Piriformis muscle is located in the buttock region. When it spasms/swells/gets tightened, it can irritate the sciatic nerve that passes through the muscle. This leads to tenderness in the buttock, tingling/numbness along the back of the leg, and sometimes into the foot. You might have increased pain after prolonged sitting, reduced movement of the hip and pain with walking up stairs.

There is a quick 2 minute video that describes piriformis syndrome and sciatica. Please come in for a 15 minute free consultation if you have any questions.


By: Jie (Janet) Yang, PT.  


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