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Physiotherapy & Cancer: How we can help!

Cancer and the treatments required to treat it often cause physical, psychological, and cognitive problems.

Managing these problems or side effects DURING and AFTER cancer treatment can significantly improve your quality of life and even long-term survival. We can help by customizing a cancer rehabilitation program for you to build or maintain strength and endurance, regain independence, reduce stress and maintain the energy to participate in daily activities that are important to you. We will work with you to address symptoms such as ‘brain fog’, pain, fatigue, weakness, numbness, swelling, loss of mobility, and chemo-induced neuropathy. Your physical and emotional well being are all important.

While your Oncology health team has the resources and expertise to treat your cancer, we have the tools and techniques to help you manage the short and long term side effects of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Care and consideration is made to ensure your treatments are within the limits imposed by your disease.

Megan Shaw, Registered Physiotherapist specializes in providing Cancer Rehabilitation in a caring and comprehensive manner. Our cancer rehabilitation services are therefore covered as ‘physiotherapy’ under extended health insurance plans, and our receipts also qualify as a tax deductible medical expense on your tax return.

We look forward to helping you to return to what you love to do.

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