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Everyday stretches for low back pain

We have all experienced it, we will be moving around and suddenly our low back is in severe pain! A lot of the time this low back pain is correlated to tight muscles. The tightness can pull the pelvis out of its neutral position, which causes your entire body to lose its natural and neutral spine and causes pain to radiate in all directions. The following stretches are going to help you release any tension in commonly tight areas of the body.


Quadriceps: Hip flexor



Position yourself into a deep lunge holding a 90 degree angle. Keep your chest lifted off your thigh (think upright as opposed to hinging forward). Once you are stable, grab onto the back leg and lift it up and pull it inward close to your bottom. This will release your front hip flexors. NOTE: fold over your mat, or use a pillow under your knee, as there will be a lot of weight placed upon it.



Hamstrings: Spine Dive



Sitting, legs extended, toes flexed towards ceiling, hands resting on thighs. Exhale, dip head down towards chest and roll down the spine sliding the hands towards the ankles/feet. Hold this stretch, maintaining core support and actively lengthening towards the feet until a stretch is felt in the hamstrings.


Hips/Glutes: Leg cross over



Lay on your back, pelvis flush and exhale to raise both legs to table top. Cross one leg over the other, and pull the back of the leg closer to your chest. Adjust the positioning, and apply more pressure to the inside of the knee if an extra stretch is needed. Great to do at home, or even at your desk at work! Releases front and side of hips, as well as the


Front abdominals: Swan/Extensions


Laying on your stomach, hands next to your shoulders, feet hip distance apart, actively tuck the pelvic under so that the pubic bone is dipping into your mat. Exhale, activate your abdominals and push down through your hands to lift up through your torso.

Back stabilizers and erectors: Cat/Cow or Shell


Side-body: Side Bend

leslie1Standing in neutral, exhale and slice your arm through the air and send your body into lateral flexion. Letting your head drop to the side while holding your arm overhead.






NOTE: All of these stretches can be incorporated into a daily stretching routine. All of these stretches will get the best results once the body is already “warmed up”, however will still be beneficial on their own. All stretches should be help from 15-30seconds and repeated 1-3 times per day as needed.

By: Leslie Schneckenburger

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