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5 Falls Prevention Tips for Seniors

With more than 1 in 3 elderly Canadians whom are 65 and older falling each year we are witnessing an increase in injuries such as hip fractures, sprains or traumas that can significantly reduce their mobility and independence.

homecarefallspreventionHere are 5 simple tips to help reduce the risk of falling:

1) Remove any hazards around the home such as: securing loose rugs with double sided tape or slip resistant backing, cleaning up any spills as soon as they happen, etc.
2) Wear sturdy shoes and tie shoelaces up tightly. Do not wear socks or slippers which can increase your chance of falling or tripping.
3) Use appropriate assistive devices such as canes, walkers, bed rails or bath bars to help support your movement.
4) Make sure bedrooms, hallways, and areas around the home are well lit. Turn on the lights as soon as you enter the room or get up out of bed.
5) Exercise every day! Exercise keeps your muscles and joints nice and strong, which will help in preventing future falls.


There are plenty of ways in which we can create a safe home environment reducing our risks of falls. Should you or a loved one need help with recommendations on how to make your home or mobility safer or need help with an exercise program; please do not hesitate and book a Home physiotherapy appointment today!

By: Fatima Dias