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#MilestoneMonday / Rolling

November 30,2015

For the first ever entry of #MilestoneMonday, we have decided to post a video on rolling. I think that this video is particularly effective because it emphasizes the importance of the necessary (baby) steps that all contribute meaningfully to completing a given skill; in this case, rolling. Additionally, this video highlights the need for continued practice to refine and master skills, regardless if it is learning early floor mobility, or perfecting a jump shot. Too often, especially for skills appear to be ‘automatic’, we ignore the practice that is required for these skills to become more or less automatic. For future posts on #MilestoneMonday expect some insight from a therapist’s perspective on gross motor skill acquisition and infant development. For now, enjoy the video.

By: Chris Dahiroc P.T.

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Top 10 reasons why you should treat yourself to a massage

Rainy day massage picTop 10 reasons why you should treat yourself to a massage:

1. Increases range of motion

Tight or stiff muscles can restrict movement of your joints affecting your range

2. Eases any postural related stress

Muscles can get tight during prolonged sitting causing imbalances that lead to discomfort and pain.

 3. Decreases muscle pain

Relaxed muscles are never painful, why tolerate pain if you don’t have too.

 4. Improves circulation

Massage moves blood around the body, creating warmth in otherwise cold extremities.

 5. Decreases inflammation surrounding the joints

Connective tissue becomes inflamed from tight muscles pulling on joints, relaxed muscles don’t pull therefore decreasing your risk of inflammation

6. Prevents injuries or illnesses

Avoid reoccurring injuries caused by muscle tightness

7. Helps with tension headaches

Tight muscles in your neck, shoulders and jaw can be causing your headache. Massaging and stretching those muscles can help reduce the pain.

8. Reduces stress

Shrugging your shoulders is a common stress reaction, massaging these muscles helps to reduce the tension in this area where we carry our stress the most.

9. Facilitates relaxation.

Muscle release during a massage helps you feel more relaxed.


By: Viola Gabriel RMT.